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I'm a girl that likes to travel. I love flying, don't mind packing light, have my passport ready and I will split a bunk with a good friend. I'm in love with London and I have a travel tip or two for you if you want to hear them. 


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A Boat Ride to Greenwich

Hey there!

London has so many bridges. Some sources site 33 at current count. I recalled seeing about 10 of them during my stay. Part of the reason that I got to see that many was because I decided to take a wee little boat tour along the Thames.

My traveling group decided to go to Greenwich one day and because it was decent weather (grey, rainy, 56 degrees, chilly) we decide to take a boat there. We boarded one of the MBNA Thames Clipper boats (hot coffee in hand) at the London Eye/Waterloo stop and settled in for the 35 minute ride. It cost us £19.50 or about $26.50 round trip for about a 6 mile trip.

Even though the weather was less than desirable, the boat ride itself was wonderful! I’m a fan of boats and this one didn’t disappoint. The staff on board was nice and loudly announced each port as we came to them. As long as you weren’t in a deep sleep, you wouldn’t miss your stop.

Because of the gloomy weather we decided to sit inside. That’s why many of my pictures have extra boat bits in them. Had the weather been warmer and had the rain stayed away, we could have sat in one of the twenty or so seats outside.

The boat ride there was mostly empty. We had our pick of seats and could move about the cabin taking pictures as we wanted. Coming back from Greenwich was a little more crowded but it was a weekday and a bit later in the afternoon.

The nice thing about our leisurely boat ride was that we got to see the sites along the Thames. We saw schools and bridges and even New Scotland Yard. It’s so interesting to look up at all the buildings and wonder if the people get as much joy looking out at the Thames as I think I would.

The boat itself had a drink and snack bar. We had brought out drinks with us but if we hadn’t, I most certainly would have bought a hot chocolate and a snack. There were also people that got on the boat that obviously used it as their public transportation from work to home. How fantastic is that?! I’d love to leave work, hop on a boat and float home!

If you are planning a trip to London (or any seaport city really), you should definitely look into a boat tour. It’s an extra sightseeing mode that many people forget about. We took the boat to our destination and back but you could spend a day on the boat on a hop on/off tour. This particular boat line has 17 piers that you can choose between. You can start at 9 am and literally spend all day touring London by the Thames.

Note: I paid for my own travel ticket on the MBNA Thames Clipper and all opinions expressed are my own.