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Brunch at Grind

Hey there!

One of the things that I love about Europe is that you don’t have to rush through a meal. The restaurant staff doesn’t serve you your meal, give you a few minutes to eat it and then rush you out. No, they allow you to eat leisurely, chat with your friends, enjoy your time and then leave when the meal is over. It truly is a fantastic experience.

I love a good breakfast (or lunch or dinner) and one of the best ones I’ve had was a little place in Covent Garden called Grind. My friends and I found it on Instagram and decided to try it out. Boy am I glad we did!

There are several Grind locations but we stopped into the one on Market Street in Covent Garden. We were lucky enough to walk in and get a table right away but it’s probably best if you make a reservation if you can. They looked pretty full the day that we went.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very hip/chic/boho vibe. We were seated downstairs in a quaint little area. Normally, I shy away from being sent to the “downstairs dungeon” but it was anything but a dungeon. The music was upbeat but not too loud and it was laid back and relaxing. Our servers were unpretentious and helpful. They made great suggestions and brought out our food quickly.

I ordered a hot flat white Russian and the beetroot salmon with eggs on toast. My friends ordered the same but one had a turmeric latte with her meal. I must admit that a boozie coffee is not my norm but it was so yummy and went with my breakfast.

My breakfast was deeeee-lish! The salmon was fresh and the toast was nice and crunchy. The eggs were perfect! I can never get my poached eggs just right but they did it. It was the perfect, creamy consistency. One of my friends got scrambled eggs that were good as well. Grind does a good egg!

We spend almost two hours just sitting and soaking up the atmosphere. There was a group of four having a good time across from us. The had heartier meals instead of brunch. There was a gentleman with his camera nearby, sipping on coffee and waiting for a friend. There was a table of young ladies brunching next to us. The opted for Prosecco with their meal. If we hadn’t had a day of sightseeing planned, that might have been a good idea for us as well.

I love a great meal and part of a great meal is a restaurant with a good vibe. Grind had a really good vibe. If you are near one of their locations in London, stop by. Until then, take a peek at their IG page and drool like I do every day.

NOTE: I was not paid in any way for this review. I purchased my own meal and all of the opinions expressed are my own. Feel free to check out the restaurant links below.