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Tea At Kensington Palace

Updated: May 11, 2018

Many little girls want to be Princesses when they grow up. I don’t know that I wanted to be a Princess but I wanted to live in a palace. I never got to do that of course, but I got to have tea at one.

During a recent trip to London with some good girl friends, we decided to tour Kensington Palace. After spending several hours wandering the halls and having our very own personal tour guide for a portion of the tour, we wandered over to the Orangery Restaurant on the palace grounds and had high tea.

The Orangery Restaurant is next to the beautiful Sunken Garden where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement. The table that we chose gave us a perfect view of the palace.

The restaurant itself is a beautiful dining room full of perfectly set tables with pristine linen, that Emily Post would be proud of. While each table reminded you that you were sitting near the palace, they weren’t intimidating. You could recognize all the forks, knives and spoons and while the setup beautiful, you weren’t afraid to touch it.

The Orangery menu has a breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea selection. You can go with a simple breakfast of fruit salad and yogurt or you can do what I did and have a bang up Royal Afternoon Terrace Tea with all the works. Whichever you choose will be served on the most delightfully delicate, fine bone china that is made for the royal palaces of London. If you are so moved by the beauty of the tea cup and saucer, you can always buy a set for £50 or about $70.

I ordered sparkling rosé with my afternoon tea. Egg mayonnaise sandwiches, tuna and cucumber sandwiches and smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches -- wedges daintily small but filling.

The scones with cream and a raspberry jam were light and delicious. I’ve had any scones in my lifetime and these were in the top 5 for sure.

Sponge cake and tarts. I’ve found that usually sponge cake and tarts are too sweet. Not these. They were soft and caramelly and not too sweet at all.

I chose a berry tea to go with my sparkling rosé. The rosé was fine but the berry tea was so delicious! It was one of the fruitiest teas I’ve ever had. I paired it with demerara sugar and sat back to enjoy. When the pot was cold, it was instantly replaced with a fresh, hot pot.

We were able to sit and enjoy our afternoon tea for three hours! The waitress checked on us but let us enjoy our food and conversation. There was no rush at the Orangery! We watched people exit the palace, wandering the grounds, enjoying the beauty. We talked about our tour through the palace and gossiped about the historic royals that had lived there.

We thoroughly enjoyed our high tea experience. We hadn’t planned on stopping in but I am so glad that we did. It’s not necessarily an inexpensive experience but a little splurge well worth it.

Note: I paid for my own meal at the Orangery and all opinions expressed are my own.