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The London Coffee Festival

Hey there!

I have 2 -3 cups of coffee every morning. I don’t feel like a real person until my first sip. Apparently I’m not alone. There are over 30,000 other coffee lovers that plan to meet at The Old Truman Brewery Thursday March 28 - Sunday March 31 to share in my love of coffee.

This is a big event. There are soooo many vendors planning to be there and there are so many experiences to be had. There will be tastings and latte art. There will be history and lots of coffee discussions. Did I mention tastings? There will be tastings.

Seven years ago, 100 vendors and 7000 coffee lovers began this coffee extravaganza. It has now grown in both size and the number of events. This year there will be other festivals in Cape Town, New York, Los Angeles and Milan. Earlier this month, Amsterdam had their coffee event.

Wondering which vendors have signed on? “Who hasn’t signed on?” is a better question. Almond Breeze, Alpro, Beyond The Bean, Cafe de Colombia, DeLonghi, English Tea Shop, Good and Proper Tea and so many more. With all of the vendors they have listed, you will certainly go home full of energy.

Does a little friendly competition interest you? If yes, then the Coffee Masters competition is for you. 16 baristas battle it out for the Coffee Masters title. The Coffee Masters title comes with bragging rights and £5000. It’s sure to be an exciting time.

Besides the battle there are workshops all day, food vendors offering yummy sweets to go with coffee and if you aren’t info coffee, there are tea talks and milk musings. I don’t know about you but I am very interested in figuring out the perfect temperature for frothing milk.

If you are interested in attending this coffee extravaganza you should know the facts.

The location is 15 Hanbury Street, The Old Truman Brewery, London E1 6QR.

Standard Admission is £18.50 (~ $24.35) and affords you a 3 - 4 hour admission, 250+ artisan coffee roasters, unlimited coffee & food tasting, educational workshops, access to all event features and a limited edition tote bag.

£30 (~ $39.48) will get you a day admission, everything listed above, access to the VIP suite and garden a cocktail token plus a few more items.

If you are really fancy and love coffee as much as I do, you can splurge and for £90

(~ $118.47) get a weekend pass, all the goodies listed above and a fast track pass to events.

If you just happen to be free this weekend and you are into coffee, this might be worth your time.