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Weekend Getaways - Festivals

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I love a good weekend getaway. It’s a refreshing 2 or 3 day mini vacation that can do you a world of good. Sometimes we just can’t get away for a full fledged vacation so we have to make do with a weekend run to some place nice.

If you are thinking about a quick weekend getaway, remember that summer is festival season! Think about the cities surrounding yours that have city festivals. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and this upcoming weekend alone we have 4 nearby cities that will have festivals. I can drive and hour or two in any direction and hit a festival of some sort.

Festivals are great for one day trips. You can leave your house early, grab a bite to eat along the way and then spend the day shopping, sightseeing, listening to great music and visiting with folks that are practically your neighbors. You can have a day of fun and be home before it gets too late.

One of our more popular festivals in Atlanta is the Georgia Renaissance Festival. It lasts for several weeks so you have plenty of time to make plans. It’s family friendly and each weekend is themed so you could plan to go both days and see all of the sites. You can dress in period costume or you can watch others in their costumes. Everyone enjoys the large turkey legs that they sell and the kiddos enjoy the jousting and the games and rides.

The nice thing about the festival is that they give you hotel ideas right on their website. You can book a hotel that they recommend or check out some that you find. Or, if you only want to go for the day you can do that and still enjoy the festivities.

If you are a little bit bolder (and maybe have a few more hours to use), you can look for festivals further away from you or maybe the next state or country over. It takes a little bit of gas in the car and maybe make sure the tires are in good shape but it’s so worth it!

If you live near London, England you might choose to go to Manchester for the weekend. In a few hours you can relax in a nice hotel room near fantastic pubs and cafes. Or, you can attend the King Street Festival and enjoy all the yummy food while listening to live music or perhaps playing games. If you go on one of the non festival weekends, you can tour the town, visiting the National Football Museum or the Chester Zoo.

If you happen to be a Coronation Street fan you are in luck! You can take a tour of the external sets from the show! And of course, you have to catch a game or a concert at the Emirates Old Trafford. Who wouldn’t want to watch cricket there?!

Maybe you just don’t have the time to travel far from home at all but you still need a quick getaway. You can always become a tourist in your own town. There are coupon websites that offer hotel discounts and you can get a one night stay at a hotel for a decent price. Pretend you’re a tourist and enjoy the hotel pool or spa. Eat at one of the nearby restaurants that you’ve been talking about trying but just haven’t made the time. Maybe there’s a show at a local theater or live band at a club that you can see. If someone was coming to visit you, where would you tell them to go?

The point of a getaway is to relax. You just want to brush the work week away and take some time out for yourself. Don’t make too big of a deal when it comes to getaways. Simply pick a location, create a rough plan and just go!



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